The Flat Abs Project Bonus Week!

Hey everyone, sorry for the delay posting this but with the craziness that is Christmas  I just haven’t had time!!  So this week we’re going to get right to business, do these exercises whenever you can over the holidays to help keep those abs you’ve created flat!

Warm up:

Swiss-Ball-Lying-Oblique-Twist-220x140Lying twist with Ball – same as week one’s lying twist, only this time you put a stability ball, medicine ball or any ball between your knees, squeeze with your inner thighs and do 10 reps.

SwimmingSwimming – lie on your stomach in the same position as last week’s Superman.  Lift one arm and the opposite leg off the ground, then lower and repeat on the other side.  Keeping your abs in tight, do reps as quickly as you can, in a fluttering or “swimming” motion.  Do 10 reps.


the-roll-upRoll up –  lie on your back with your arms and legs extended.  Lift your arms and roll up until sitting, then reach forward as far as you can.  Slowly roll back down to starting position.  If this is too difficult, try bending your knees and placing your hands under your knees and pull yourself up.  Beginners do 10 reps, intermediate 15 reps and advanced 20 reps.

Bicycle CrunchBicycle crunch – begin as in week 3’s cross over crunch, but when crossing over to touch your opposite elbow with knee, extend the other leg straight.  Beginners extend the leg straight in the air and do 10 reps, intermediate extend leg to a 45 degree angle and do 15 reps, advanced extend leg to just above the floor and do 20 reps.

Plank with Opposite Arm/Leg RaisePlank with opposite arm/leg lift – in plank position, extend one arm and the opposite leg off the ground, hold for one sec. then lower and repeat to the opposite side.  Beginners do plank from either your elbows or hands and just lift the leg off the ground, do 10 reps.  Intermediate get in plank from your elbows and do 15 reps, advanced plank from your hands and do 20 reps.

Seated Tuck.V-sit tuck – in V-sit from week 2, feet off the ground, extend your arms and legs and lean back slightly, then come back in to v-sit.  Beginners touch your ankles when you come up and do 10 reps, intermediate do 15 reps.  Advanced touch your toes and do 20 reps.

Side Planks with crunchSide plank crunch – in side plank position, take your top arm and place the hand behind your head.  Crunch down to the hand on the floor, then return to start.  Beginners do side plank from your elbow with legs staggered or on knee and do 10 reps, intermediate side plank from elbow and 15 reps, advanced side plank from your hand and 20 reps.

That’s it until after Christmas, in the New Year I’ll be doing more monthly challenges to keep everyone motivated and on track…January’s in the Best Butt Challenge!  Have a wonderful holidays and happy new year, much love!


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